Hoarding it good

I have a confession to make. I am a shameless hoarder. I collect & store everything – from bills, ticket stubs, tissue paper with inane poems to boxes, pouches, chopsticks, sugar sachets etc. Well, whatever suits my fancy & whatever can be used later. I mean, everything is of some use, right? And even if … More Hoarding it good

A little pungent

Waking up in the morning has lost its charm. Not that I was ever fascinated by it. Only things are so much different when you’re younger. The cocoon of your family makes you feel protected even at the crack of dawn, when everything is silent. You can probably hear that one chirp. And you always … More A little pungent

Chicken Khow Suey – for the love of coconut milk & noodles.

Another Friday has arrived, good people. I am guessing everyone is looking forward to an eventful evening with some beers in tow. This weekend, I want to cook something with coconut milk. I know dessicated coconut is charming but I don’t have a kuruni (coconut scraper), and I can’t afford those expensive tins of imported … More Chicken Khow Suey – for the love of coconut milk & noodles.